About Us

Clinical excellence and patient safety is our priority.

LTR Medical is an Australian medical device distribution company committed to clinical excellence in the products we supply and the customer service we deliver.  Our vision is to reduce risks for patients and healthcare providers in sourcing and supplying the safest and most effective medical and surgical devices for hospitals, medical practices and home carers.

The team at LTR Medical have extensive experience in the Australian and New Zealand health care sector and are committed to building long-term mutually beneficial professional relationships with Clinicians, Health Care Providers, Corporate Partners and most importantly our patients.

Our devices and technology are sourced from innovative global and local manufacturers and surpass the highest standards of clinical efficacy, safety and quality assurance, giving you confidence and security in choosing to work with our products and services.

Our product portfolio is utilised across many specialties such as Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Pain Management, Hospital in the Home, Obstetrics, Oncology, Renal Dialysis, in Hospital Infusion Management, Vascular Access Management and Hospital Pharmacy.

Registered address:    

9A/204 Alice St, Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone:  1800 319 419