Springfusor® and FCT Range

Springfusor Innovative Ambulatory Infusion system for quality-controlled infusions

The Springfusor® syringe infusion pump is a low cost, reusable pump that requires no programming or external power source. It is simple to use and requires only minimal training to load and operate.  The Springfusor when used with flow control tubing is an ambulatory infusion system that is lightweight and can be worn around the patient’s neck or strapped to their arm to improve mobility during treatment. Its simplicity in design and use makes it suitable for use as part of a hospital in the home progamme.

The Go Medical Springfusor® Syringe Infusion Pump and Flow Control Tubing (FCT) is intended to provide constant Intravenous (IV) or Subcutaneous (SC) infusions in either a 10ml, 30ml or 50ml configuration at a variety of pre-set flow rates. It is suitable for antibiotic infusion and Subcutaneous immunoglobulin SClg.

The Springfusor® syringe infusion pump is designed to be used with the Go Medical FCT and syringe which can be easily connected to a patient’s cannula/port via standard luer lock fittings. The Flow Control Tubing and syringe are supplied sterile for single patient use and are available in a variety of flow rates and sizes depending on the variety of Springfusor® pump used.

The infusion of fluids by the Springfusor® system is powered by the potential energy stored within the internal spring. In the Springfusor® 10-28 & 30-AB, the spring is compressed by the action of loading the Springfusor® with the compatible syringe and FCT.  The Springfusor® 50/60 incorporates two constant-force springs, which are extended when a syringe is loaded by hand into the cavity of the device.

Fluids are delivered to the patient via the FCT attached to the patient’s cannula/port by the energy stored in the spring, which provides a constant force to the barrel of the loaded syringe. The flow rate is controlled by the FCT; with the operator selecting the required flow rate from the range of colour coded FCT’s available.

Once the specific flow rate and corresponding FCT is selected, the solution that is to be infused is draw up into the syringe, attached to the FCT via luer lock fittings and loaded into the Springfusor® pump.

The Springfusor pump is available in 3 sizes to meet  various clinical requirements

  • Springfusor® 10-28
  • Springfusor® 30-AB
  • Springfusor® 50/60

The Go Medical Flow Control Tubing is sold separately from the Springfusor® device. 

The FCT is a fine bore tube designed to provide a metered constant flow for intravenous (IV) or subcutaneous (SC) infusions when used with a Go Medical Springfusor® Infusion Pump. FCTs are manufactured with luer lock fittings to allow for easy, direct connection to the patient’s cannula or port. Nominal flow rate is calibrated for infusion of normal saline (unless otherwise stated) at a set temperature to a supine patient. The flow rate accuracy of the FCT will be affected by changes in temperature and the viscosity of the drug solution. Please refer to the Viscosity Correction Factor Sheet.pdf for more details.

The following FCT’s variants are currently available.

10ml / xx FCTs
Product name Catalogue Number Flow Rate
FCT 10ml/5min FCT 10-5m 120 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/15min FCT 10-15m 40 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/30min FCT 10-30m 20 mL/hr
FCT 10 ml/60 min FCT 10-60m 10 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/2h FCT 10-2h 5.0 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/4h FCT 10-4h 2.5 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/5h FCT 10-5h 2.0 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/6h FCT 10-6h 1.67 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/8h FCT 10-8h 1.25 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/12h FCT 10-12h 0.83 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/24h FCT 10-24h 0.42 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/48h FCT 10-48h 0.21 mL/hr
FCT 10ml/72h FCT 10-72h 0.14 mL/hr
30ml / xx FCTs
Product name Catalogue Number Flow Rate
FCT 30ml/5min FCT 30-5m 360 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/15min FCT 30-15m 120 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/30min FCT 30-30m 60 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/60min FCT 30-60m 30 mL/hr
FCT 30 ml/2h FCT 30-2h 15 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/4h FCT 30-4h 7.5 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/5h FCT 30-5h 6.0 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/6h FCT 30-6h 5.0 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/8h FCT 30-8h 3.75 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/12h FCT 30-12h 2.50 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/24h FCT 30-24h 1.25 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/48h FCT 30-48h 0.63 mL/hr
FCT 30ml/72h FCT 30-72h 0.42 mL/hr
FCT 30 ml/96h FCT 30-96h 0.31 mL/hr
50ml / xx FCTs
Product name Catalogue Number Flow Rate
FCT 50ml/15min FCT 50-15m 200 mL/hr
FCT 50ml/30min FCT 50-30m 100 mL/hr
FCT 50ml/60min FCT 50-60m 50 mL/hr
FCT 50ml/90min FCT 50-90m 33.3 mL/hr
FCT 50 ml/2h FCT 50-2h 25 mL/hr

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