V Set Device

The V-Set has a unique design that maximises the quality assurance in accuracy and safety of infusions and injections.

The V-Set devices are designed around a large bore, fast flow gravity fed infusions line to which any standard giving set may be attached. This line has an anti-reflux valve and includes a unique non-kink design, allowing fixing of the V-Set to the patient’s limb with a 180 degrees loop without fear of obstruction.

Features include:

  • Each line is independent with no common space.
  • Dead space (line volume) is minimised.
  • Anti Kinking spring on Gravity Line.
  • Polyethylene lining on the Pump & Intermittent Injections lines prevents drug sorption.
  • A Range of Anti-reflux and swabable valves.
  • A Range of sets to meet clinical needs.

The V-Set has also been designed so that each line is independent with no common space, therefore minimising the risk of under dosing (any common space acts as a reservoir under slow drip rates of infusion fluid). This also minimises the risk of inadvertent bolus (increasing drip rate flushes an overdose from the common space to the patient).

V-Set device Variants

V2 GSS R: V SET, V2 GSS tearable pouch

V3 3V R: V SET, V3 3Valve, tearable pouch

V3 3V MRI R: V SET, V3 3 Valve MRI, tearable pouch

V-Set device Enquiries

For purchasing enquiries and orders please contact our sales team via info@ltrmedical.com and one of our representatives will contact you.