V Set Device

Use V-Set multi-lumen connectors for medication quality assurance

The V-Set devices are unique IV and TIVA multi-lumen connectors that ensure accuracy in the delivery of infusions and injections with no ability for the medication mixing in the connector or lines. These connectors provide enhanced quality assurance and safety in the delivery of critical medications in small doses.

The V-Set devices from LTR Medical are designed around a large bore, fast flow gravity fed infusions line to which any standard giving set may be attached. This line has an anti-reflux valve and includes a unique non-kink design, allowing fixing of the V-Set to the patient’s limb with a 180 degrees loop without fear of obstruction.

Key features of these multi-lumen connectors include:

  • Each line is independent with no common space.
  • Dead space (line volume) is minimised.
  • Anti-Kinking spring on Gravity Line.
  • Polyethylene lining on the Pump & Intermittent Injections lines prevents drug sorption.
  • A Range of Anti-reflux and swabable valves.

The V-Set has also been designed so that each line is independent with no common space. This minimises the risk of under dosing (any common space acts as a reservoir under slow drip rates of infusion fluid) and also minimises the risk of inadvertent bolus (increasing drip rate flushes an overdose from the common space to the patient).

A Range of V-Set devices are available to meet clinical needs.

  • V2 GSS R: V SET, V2 GSS
  • V3 3V R: V SET, V3 3Valve
  • V3 3V MRI R: V SET, V3 3 Valve MRI,

Why Choose LTR Medical?

The V-Set devices from LTR Medical are from our innovative selection of products chosen on the basis of an exceptionally high standard of clinical efficiency and excellence in safety, design, and delivery.  Our new product development and sourcing team have an extensive medical and technology development expertise and a network of clinical advisers that provide insight into new and emerging surgical techniques, technologies and best practice in care.

  • We source our product range from trusted, high-quality medical device developers and manufacturers committed to clinical excellence and patient safety.
  • We distribute essential medical equipment with your clinical excellence and patient safety as one of our top priorities.
  • We have years of experience in delivering first class quality medical devices to the Australian healthcare sector.
  • We are the exclusive supplier of the Go Medical product range throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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V-Set device Enquiries

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