The Accumate 1200 ambulatory infusion pump is the ultimate choice for patient safety and mobility. The Accumate 1200 is compact and light weight – approximately 400g. With seven different infusion profiles, the Accumate 1200 is intuitive to program and designed to infuse antibiotics, analgesia, chemotherapy and other medications.

With an easy to read backlit screen, the Accumate 1200 offers the following infusion profiles:

• Continuous – basal rate only

• PCA – basal rate with loading dose, patient bolus and clinician bolus

• Intermittent – programmed intermittent doses

• Intermittent + Bolus – programmed intermittent doses with patient bolus

• Variable Rate – set different basal rate for periods of time

• Multi-Step – Set different basal rate for periods of time plus PCA

• TPN – ramping up and down for infusion of TPN

The Accumate 1200 offers a drug library of up to 1000 drugs and a Drug Error Reduction System (DERS). Reports can be downloaded from the pump and the programming can be locked for security.

The Tubing Set contains a silicone pump segment, anti-siphon valve, 1.2µm filter and an air-vented distal end cap. It is available with a spike or luer connection. The luer connection is used for the Reservoir Bags available in 150ml and 250ml.

Lockable cases are available to secure both the pump and medication.

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