Like GPS for Neuromuscular Blocks

Quantitative train-of-four (ToF) monitoring eliminates the guesswork in the assessment of neuromuscular blockade. Validated electromyography (EMG) with TwitchView™ provides continuous measurements to inform clinical decisions and the ToF ratio needed to confirm patient recovery.

TwitchView™ Highlights

  • One button startup for continuous quantitative assessments and trends throughout the procedure
  • Motion-free electromyography (EMG) measurements are uninhibited by tucked arms
  • Proprietary noise-cancelling electrode can be placed on the patient’s hand or foot

The TwitchView™ trend plot displays the individual patient’s progression of block and recovery. Patient’s specific pharmaco-dynamics inform the precise dosing of neuromuscular blockade and reversal agents. With TwitchView™, practitioners can optimise drug utilisation, avoid residual neuromuscular block and prevent the adverse effects.

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