LTR Medical is an Australian medical device distributor company committed to clinical excellence in the products we supply and the customer service we deliver.

We recognise that having to undergo a medical procedure is often very stressful and not without risk. Our job to is reduce risk for patients and healthcare providers in sourcing and supplying the safest and most effective medical and surgical devices for hospitals, medical practices and home carers around the world.

LTR Medical products are selected based on an exceptionally high standard of clinical efficiency and excellence in safety, design and delivery.  Our new-product development and sourcing team have extensive medical and technology development expertise and a network of clinical advisers that provide insight into new and emerging surgical techniques, technologies and best practice in care.

Our product range is sourced from trusted, high quality medical device developers and manufacturers committed to clinical excellence and patient safety, distributed by LTR Medical throughout Australia and New Zealand.

For purchasing enquiries and orders please contact our sales team via info@ltrmedical.com and one of our representatives will contact you.